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Stanford Memorial Church Open Visiting Hours:

Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM
Friday, 9 AM - 1 PM

Memorial Church is closed for University holidays, University closures, services, and private events. 

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Religious Accommodations

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Academic Accommodations

ORSL recognizes there are a wide range of religious observances, holy days, and festivals not formally observed in the University Calendar. To observe a day not formally included on the University calendar, students are encouraged to work directly with your professors, to alert them to your absence and prepare any work required ahead of time to make up for your absence in class. If the religious observance you request is not on our multi-faith calendar, please contact

Religious Dietary and Housing Needs at Stanford

R&DE Stanford Dining prides itself on providing high-quality and nutritious cuisine to meet a wide variety of dietary needs within our diverse Stanford community. 

In this new and rapidly changing environment, we strongly encourage students with religious dietary and housing needs to plan ahead and coordinate any necessary accommodations before arriving to campus. Read below to learn more about the accommodations that are available through R&DE Stanford Dining. Students with religious dietary needs should contact the Office for Religious Life to discuss how their needs can be met on campus.

It is important to reach and out to discuss your specific needs prior to arriving on campus.

Take time to read below the current provisions for religious dietary accommodations. If you require additional religious dietary accommodations beyond the kosher and halal provisions provided, please complete the forms below.

Accommodation Deadlines

Dining Accommodation Requests are due before Friday of Week 2 every quarter. Housing Accommodation requests for returning students are due April 16, 2023 for the 2023-2024 academic year.*

*Note: Roommate Requests for someone outside your neighborhood are due March 12, 2023. Accommodation requests for incoming students through Approaching Stanford are due June 4, 2023.

  • To request a religious dietary or housing accommodation for the 2022-2023 academic year, please complete the form found here.
  • To request a religious dietary or housing accommodation for the 2023-2024 academic year, please complete the form found here.

Kosher Dining

R&DE Stanford Dining will continue to offer a Glatt kosher lunch and dinner program in Florence Moore Dining Hall during the academic year in partnership with students, the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life, Hillel and Residential Education. R&DE Stanford Dining’s Mashgiach works closely with our staff to help students maintain a Glatt kosher diet, while also making the program manageable for the other students who keep a more relaxed form of kosher diet. Students can choose to live in Florence Moore and eat kosher meals in their residence or they can choose to live in another residence and be assigned to eat their meals in Florence Moore. If preferred, students requiring kosher meals can request their housing assignment to Florence Moore through the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life. To learn more about kosher dining, please contact

Halal Dining

R&DE Stanford Dining offers a variety of food options to accommodate the dietary needs of Stanford’s Muslim community. All chicken served in the dining halls is certified halal and halal beef is also available on a rotating basis. We do not cook with alcohol in any of our recipes and we are conscious to avoid cross-contact of pork products during food production. During Ramadan we will provide Suhoor to-go boxes and Iftar meals in the dining halls to keep students well-nourished while fasting. This year, students in any on-campus residence will have access to halal dining options from R&DE Stanford Dining. To learn more about halal dining, please contact

Other Religious Dietary Requirements

Students with other religious dietary needs should consult with the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life about how their needs can be accommodated at Stanford prior to arriving on campus. Some religious dietary requirements, such as maintaining a vegetarian or vegan diet, can be accommodated in the dining halls. However, students with highly specific or complex restrictions may find it difficult to navigate these needs in the current COVID dining environment. Students who believe their religious dietary needs cannot be accommodated in the dining halls must request a different housing assignment with access to a kitchen to prepare their own foods, by contacting the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life prior to coming to campus.

For students who cannot fill out a google form, please email us.