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Stanford Memorial Church Open Visiting Hours begin September 19, 2022. More info HERE.
The Church continues to be open for scheduled religious observances, weddings, memorials, concerts, and events.
For more information, please see our listing of events.

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Our Mission is “To guide, nurture and enhance spiritual and religious life within the Stanford University community.” Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, we are here for you!

Statement in response to tragic shooting

The ORSL stands with the victims and families of the tragic shooting this past week. Please take time to read the A3C statement here. ORSL in collaboration with CAPS, GLO and Well-being offers a student Grief Gathering three times each quarter. We are meeting this week on January 25 at 4 PM in the CIRCLE. All students welcome.

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Talk with a Chaplain

Stanford University Chaplains are confidential resources specifically trained to employ non-judgmental listening, support, and accompaniment. We specialize in being fully present with you in your experiences and feelings. Whatever they may be.

Chaplaincy recognizes there's more to a person than the body and mind, there's also matters of the heart.

You are welcome in your full authenticity. This is a space where you don't need to perform. You are simply invited and encouraged to show up as you are, however that might be. We are here to hold confidential space for you to be seen and heard.

Annanda Barclay, our Higher Education Chaplain Fellow will initiate for your first session. If you’d like a session with a chaplain schedule using this link

If you prefer to meet with a chaplain of a particular spiritual/religious tradition email

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Upcoming Holy Days

Click below to explore the services available for upcoming Holy Days


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What We Believe

• Welcoming and Inclusive: Fostering space where all feel welcomed, included, and represented.

• Care and Compassion: Nurturing communities that offer support, care, and guidance from a place of unconditional positive regard.

• Diversity and Equity: Ensuring our programs, events, and communities are both diverse and equitable, not simply in demographics but in systemic structures.

• Purposeful Living: Cultivating communities in which people can flourish and develop lives of meaning, purpose, and belonging.

• Student Centered: Giving primary focus and attention to student development, student needs, student gifts, and student interests.

• Collaborative: Working across campus to integrate the work of spiritual life into all aspects of University life.