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Visiting Information

Memorial Church Open Visiting Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM
Friday, 9 AM - 1 PM
Tours on Fridays at 11 AM.

Memorial Church is closed for University holidays, University closures, services, and private events. Windhover Contemplative Center is currently closed. There is no expected re-opening date at this time.

About Memorial Church and Companion Spaces

Talk with a Chaplain

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Spiritual Care?
  • Who provides spiritual care?
  • Is spiritual care the same as therapy?
  • What if I am not religious or spiritual, can I still get spiritual care?
  • What if I am already part of a religious group, can I still sign up for Talk with a Chaplain?
  • I am queer/I am a person of transgender experience, is there a queer/trans* affirming chaplain that I can talk to?
  • What if my chaplain doesn't share my tradition?
  • What if I am already part of a SAR group?
  • Will what I share be sent to my [professor, therapist, RF, dean, manager/reporting officer, family member, priest/rabbi/religious leader, etc]?


A red labyrinth with the Stanford's S&tree logo in the middle. On paint splatters, text says "Life's journey can be messy and windy/You don't have to face it alone"

Seeking Spiritual Care?

Sign-up for a free 30 minute Talk with a Chaplain session with either of our two chaplain associates OR if you would like to schedule a session with a specific chaplain, please email us at

In need of emotional, spiritual, or existential support or guidance?

Stanford University Chaplains are confidential resources specifically trained to employ non-sectarian, non-judgmental listening, support, and accompaniment in spiritual, existential and emotional care.  There are no hidden religious or spiritual agendas! They specialize in being fully present with you in your experiences and feelings. Whatever they may be. 

Chaplaincy recognizes there's more to a person than the body and mind, there's also matters of the heart, spirit and soul.  

This is a space where you don't need to perform. You are welcome as your full and authentic self. You are simply invited and encouraged to show up as you are, however that might be. 

We are here to hold confidential space for you to be seen and heard.

Talk with a Chaplain is a service for Stanford undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and affiliated. If you are looking for Stanford Hospital (Stanford Healthcare) Chaplains please visit:

Sign up for a free 30 minute Talk with a Chaplain session with either of our two chaplain associates:

Chaplain Davíd

Chaplain Ken/Kulapradipa

Confidentiality vs. Mandated reporting:

Chaplains are confidential resources. They will not share your name or identifying information with anyone else (ie. professors, deans, family members, etc.) without your consent.

However, if during your session the chaplain becomes concerned about serious, imminent, life-threatening harm to yourself or to another person, the chaplain will work with you to protect you and others from harm and connect you to more resources. If you have any hesitations or questions, we encourage you to ask questions about it directly with the chaplain during your session.

ORSL Spiritual Care Team

ORSL Deans, Chaplain Affiliates and Chaplain Associates are all available for spiritual care visits.

Chaplain Ken N. Lee and Chaplain David E. Patiño manage scheduling and referrals for the “Talk with a Chaplain” sessions. To schedule a time to speak with a specific chaplain, please email us instead at

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Spiritual Resources

Access additional support resources for your spiritual journey.