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COVID-19 Update

Stanford Memorial Church is currently closed for tours and visits. The Church is open for scheduled religious observances, weddings, memorials, concerts, and events. For more information, please see our listing of events.

Banner image featuring  1/1979 Memorial church, interior, mosaics, angels with scroll. Credit: Chuck Painter / Stanford News Service

Memorial Church Layout

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“Where Am I?”

Visitors are sometimes confused by which direction is which and by such terms as the “chancel,” “the transepts,” the “nave.” The illustration below can help. When facing the altar, the east side is on the left. Visitors enjoy their visit to this site more after taking time to orient themselves with the map.

A=Altar, B=Chancel, C=Crossing, D=Nave, E=Aisles, F=Vestibule, G=Arcade H=East Transept with Transepy Gallery Above, J=West Transept/Side Chapel with Transept Gallery aboce, K=Round Room