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COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Memorial Church, the Center for Inter-Religious Community, Learning and Experiences (CIRCLE), and Windhover Contemplative Center are all currently closed. Students who wish to apply for a religious event exemption, click HERE for more information.

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Acts 2 Christian Fellowship 

Christian: Baptist

Affiliation: Bridgeway Church of Silicon Valley

  • Description: Acts 2 Christian Fellowship is a fellowship at Stanford of both graduates and undergraduates that take the Bible seriously. We meet every week to study the Bible, have fun, talk about life, and build lasting friendships. Whether you're a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or someone simply curious about what Christianity is all about, we invite you to come check us out!
  • Meetings: 

Weekly Small Group Meetings

Bi-Weekly Large Group Meetings

Sunday Worship Service

All will be available at

Adventist Christian Fellowship

Christian: Seventh-Day Adventist

Affiliation: The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Black Campus Ministry

Christian: Non-denominational

Affiliation: InterVarsity USA

  • Description: Black Campus Ministries, is a focus ministry in InterVarsity geared to support and uplift the faith journeys of African and African American students on campus. Our vision is to create and embody life-giving community together as we cultivate faith spirituality within the African Diaspora at Stanford University. For more information please feel free to reach out the the InterVarsity staff, Rashad Mays at And follow our IG page @bcm_stanford. God Bless!
  • Social Media: IG page @bcm_stanford
  • Contact:

Bridges International

Christian: Evangelical

Affiliation: Bridges International

  • Description: Bridges International is a ministry focused on helping international students and their families to thrive at Stanford by providing supportive relationships, activities, classes, cultural experiences, Bible studies, Christian mentoring, and the Good News of Jesus Christ. 
  • Social Media: 

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (XA)

Christian: Evangelical

Affiliation: Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, USA - Assemblies of God

  • Description: Chi Alpha (XA) is a community of students earnestly following Jesus. Our gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. We are sponsored by the Assemblies of God, and we welcome people from all backgrounds. We're not a fraternity or a sorority, but we're a great place to find brothers and sisters!
  • Meetings: main service is Wednesdays at 7:30pm (there are additional, identical services)
  • Social Media:

Chinese Campus Evangelistic Fellowship

Christian: Evangelical

Affiliation: None

Catholic Student Association (Graduate)

Christian: Catholic

Affiliation: Catholic Community at Stanford

  • Description: Your fellow grad students and young adults in the Catholic community absolutely can’t wait to meet you—whether over Zoom or socially distanced at our next outdoor Mass. In this weird and unsettling moment in history, we hope that you are able to find friends and community here to ground you in your work and in your faith. Your CC@S student leaders are working hard to create new and ongoing opportunities to provide space for just that, in a safe and thoughtful way.
  • Meetings:

Online Sunday Mass: 4:30pm live online

Outdoor Sunday Mass: 6:00pm on the school field at St. Raymond’s in Menlo Park.Online Weekday Mass: 12:20pm daily

Drive-Thru Confessions: Saturdays, 3:30pm–4:30pm at St. Raymond parking lot.

Community Night (aka Dinner and Discussion): This weekly virtual meeting every Monday at 7:30PM PST is a chance to meet, relax and reflect with fellow Catholic young adults. Zoom link: 

  • Social Media: 



Instagram: @cc_at_stanford

Catholic Student Association (Undergraduate) 

Christian: Catholic

Affiliation: Catholic Community at Stanford

  • Description: Serving Catholic undergraduate students.
  • Meetings:

Thursday Thirty (30 minutes weekly for prayer, community, or service), beginning Sept 17, 6:30pm:, password: 050379

Small faith sharing groups:

Sunday and Weekday Online Masses:

  • Social Media:

Instagram: @cc_at_stanford


Catholic Community at Stanford Website:

YouTube Channel:

Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCM)

Christian: Mainline Protestant

Affiliation: University Lutheran Church

  • Description: We are a grace-filled, Christ-centered community, welcoming ALL Stanford students: Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, people of any or no faith, seekers, skeptics, devotees, sinners, saints, LGBTQ2SIA folks, cisgender and straight folks, poets, scientists – everyone. Bring your doubts, your hopes, your questions, your longing for community and authenticity, your search for worship and connection. Bring your real self, however you are and whomever you want to become.
  • Meetings: Fall 2020: Please join us for Bread & Belonging every Wednesday at 6 pm PDT via Zoom for dinner/conversation or dinner/evening prayer.  Subscribe to our mailing list with your Stanford email to join us, and we will send you the zoom link. Please also visit our website for more info, photos and videos about our group. Hope to see you soon! 
  • Social Media:
  • Contact:; Emma Armstrong-Carter

Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Action (FCAIA) 

Christian: Protestant 

Affiliation: Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Action

  • Description: We are a Christian faith community open to all athletes (varsity, club, or anyone passionate about sports!) We hope to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes! Join us as we continue learning what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus, to receive His free gift of grace, and to experience God in our sports!
  • Social Media:  @fcaia_stanford
  • Meetings: Big group meetings every other Monday, weekly small group meetings
  • Contact: Allie Raab (W. Swimming;, Donjae Logan (Football;, Matthew Decker (FCA Staff; Stanford Baseball ’18;

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 

Christian: Evangelical (protestant/non-denominational)

Affiliation: InterVarsity USA

  • Description: We are a community of people from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds who are all about Growing the Family of God. We are passionate about engaging God’s Word, embodying our faith, and learning to live more justly. So whether you’re down for Jesus, wrestling with doubts and questions, or exploring spirituality, you are welcome with us!
  • Meetings: 

Family Group Bible Studies meet weekly to engage deeply with scripture and learn how to walk in the Way of Jesus together. Check out our website for more info and Zoom links!

Large Group - Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm PT: our weekly community gathering where we explore the relevance of Jesus to our lives, families, and communities. Each week we have prayer, teaching, worship, and spiritual practices to help us embody our faith. This fall, we’ll look at the life of Jesus in the book of Mark! Zoom link:

InterVarsity Graduate Chrsitian Fellowship 

Christian: Evangelical (protestant/non-denominational)

Affiliation: InterVarsity USA

  • Description: InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (IVGrad) is a non-denominational community of graduate students who seek to grow spiritually, cultivate true Christian community, integrate faith and academic learning, and dedicate ourselves to witness and service. We are not just a group “for Christians,” but also for those who have little to no Christian background and wish to explore and discuss issues with us or simply participate in our social events.
  • Meetings: During the academic year, we usually hold weekly small group Bible studies, biweekly large group events, and other group activities and retreats. We haven’t finalized plans for fall 2020 events yet, but if you’d like to be kept in the loop, you can join our mailing list at or check out our Facebook page at For more information about our group, you can visit our website at
  • Social Media: 


Facebook page:

Mailing list:

Korean Bible Study and Koinonia (KBSK)


Affiliation: Bridgeway Church of Silicon Valley

  • Description: Korean Bible Study and Koinonia (KBSK) gathers weekly to study the Bible in Korean. We begin each meeting by sharing food and having praise time. We then have a discussion on a specific topic or passages from the Bible.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)

Christian: Latter-Day Saint/Mormon

Affiliation: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

  • Description: The Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is the official student group for LDS (Mormon) students at Stanford. We welcome undergraduates, graduates, and students in professional schools (law, GSB, medical training at all stages), as well as their spouses and families. We come together for lunch and religious classes on weekdays, Family Home Evening on Monday evenings, church on Sundays, and other activities throughout the year.  While we are affiliated with the Menlo Park Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we welcome people of all backgrounds and perspectives to our activities and worship services.
  • Meetings: Check our website and social media for updates. If you are interested in joining our listserv, please email Alejandra Aldridge at 
  • Social Media:
  • Contact: Alejandra Aldridge, president

Oasis Campus Ministry

Christian: Evangelical 

Affiliation: Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto

  • Description: Oasis is an evangelical Christian student group that focus on Bible study and Christian community. Through our affiliation with Peninsula Bible Church, we are a part of a multi-generational community of Christ-followers who are excited to welcome us into their lives and homes as we worship God together.  
  • Meetings: We are still formulating our plans for weekly virtually gatherings this fall. Please contact us if you would like more information.
  • Contact: Dan Westman (

Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Stanford (OCF)

Christian: Pan-Orthodox

Affiliation: Orthodox Christian Fellowship

  • Description: Orthodox Christian Fellowship at Stanford (OCF) is a pan-Orthodox organization dedicated to exploring the Orthodox Christian faith, fostering spiritual growth for Orthodox Christians, and exposing the campus to the faith, cultures, and customs that are uniquely Orthodox. OCF is a dynamic group of students from many different backgrounds who share a common desire to learn more about the 2000-year traditions of the Orthodox Church. All those interested in learning about Orthodoxy, including non-Orthodox, are welcome!

For updates on events and meetings this year, please subscribe to our email list: You subscribe to a list by signing into

Services we provide (in typical years):

  1. On campus activities such as study groups, Christian service, and lectures by specialists on topics of interest to the group.
  2. Organized carpools to at least one Orthodox Church on Sundays so that club members can celebrate Divine Liturgy
  3. Opportunities to engage in charitable and social work

Parakaleo Christian Ministries

Christian: Ecumenical 

Affiliation: None

  • Description: Parakaleo Christian Ministries is a student group focused on teaching the foundations of Biblical counseling. Parakaleo offers courses and seminars on Biblical counseling with the goal of teaching students to apply God's written word to their own daily life issues and relationships, and equipping them to counsel others from the Bible under the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Led by advisors Steve and Erica Lawry.
  • Meetings: Students can access our Zoom meetings by visiting the link: Tentatively Monday nights from 7-9pm PT, may change week night depending on student availability.
  • Social Media:
  • Contact: Steve and Erica Lawry <>, Jesse Doan <>, Gloria Yi <>, Allan Jiang <>

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Christian: PCA

Affiliation: Reformed University Fellowship 

  • Description: RUF is a student organization that seeks to share the light and life of Jesus with the larger campus community. It is a place for any student, regardless of background, belief, or lifestyle to come and discuss the claims of the Bible within a diverse community of people. College is a time in which many people are processing questions of purpose, life, and faith. We open the Bible weekly and sort through how scripture speaks into those questions.

RUF seeks to be a rest stop for tired Christians and a safe place for skeptics. We welcome and assume that in all of our meetings and events there are both Christians and non-Christians present. Come as you are. Be honest. Bring your doubts, hurts, shame, and sin- we want everyone to experience God’s rich grace, love, and compassion.

  • Meetings: Weekly meeting Tuesdays at 6 pm Pacific Time. Send us a DM on Instagram for the link. Student-led community groups will gather virtually at various times.
  • Social Media:

Stanford Christian Students

Christian: Non-Denominational/Evangelical

Affiliation: “Church in Palo Alto”

  • Description: Stanford Christian Students is a community that welcomes all students to read the word of God, to grow in Christ, and to pursue fellowship with us on campus. For our events, we hold weekly Bible studies, host on-campus worship services, and enjoy group gatherings together.
  • Meetings: 

Weekly Events:

Ministry Series: Sun 9/20 5-6pm

Tuesday Bible Study: Tue 09/22 12-1pm

Thursday Bible Study: Thur 9/24 5-6pm 

  • Social Media: 



Stanford Young Life

Christian: Ecumenical 

Affiliation: Young Life

Veritas at Stanford

Christian: Ecumenical

Affiliation: Veritas Forum

  • Description: Our Mission is to foster conversations about the biggest questions we as individuals and as a society can ask. We achieve this by hosting public events where the Christian worldview is put in dialogue with other perspectives in a context of mutual respect and shared pursuit of wisdom. This group is affiliated with the Veritas Forum.
  • Social Media:, IG: @stanfordveritas