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Memorial Church & Windhover Contemplative Center Visiting Information

Memorial Church Open Visiting Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 4 PM
Friday, 9 AM - 1 PM

Memorial Church is closed for University holidays, University closures, services, and private events. 
Windhover Contemplative Center is currently closed. There is no expected re-opening date at this time.

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Memorial Church Usage Policy

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Policies regarding the use of Memorial Church

The church includes a diversity of programs and assemblies in its space and primarily exists to provide opportunities for worship, reflection, spiritual practice, conversation, education, and community building related to religious, spiritual, ethical, and moral formation. Through the governance of the Stanford University Board of Trustees and guidance of the Memorial Church Advisory Board, approval for all reservations will be determined by the Event Manager under the direction of the Dean of Office for Religious & Spiritual Life.


Memorial Church occupies the heart of Stanford University. The Church is a central attraction on campus for visitors and tourists who are welcome at all times when the building is open and is also the location of the main office for Office for Religious and Spiritual Life. The building often hosts programs at night and on weekends. Often one group or program follows another, requiring the cooperation of all who use the Church to keep it in a state of readiness and beauty. For those planning to use Memorial Church for a service or event, it is essential that the following policies be understood and accepted by all participants.

At the time of your initial request for space, a tentative entry will be made on the Memorial Church calendar, pending approval. Once the Event Manager confirms the date is available, a reservation form must be completed and returned. This form is used to gather detailed information about the event. Be sure to include all areas of the church needed on this form. The form will be received and reviewed by the Event Manager, under the direction of the Dean of the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life. The Event Manager will contact you once the form has been reviewed to confirm whether or not the event has been approved. Events cannot be approved nor reservations confirmed until all forms have been completed, reviewed, and approved.

Prior to the date of your event, the Event Manager will contact you to schedule a consultation during which all details of the event will be reviewed and documented. Notice of final confirmation and a cost estimate by the Event Manager will be sent following the consultation.

Reservation times are both inclusive and explicit. The time reserved allows for sufficient time for set-up and clean-up by your organization. Due to the high use of the space, groups cannot arrive early or stay later than the reservation. As you plan, keep in mind the time needed for set up and break-down.  Any changes in scheduling needs should immediately be brought to the attention of the Event Manager.

If the reservation is for a ticketed event, please adhere to seating capacity regulations. If high attendance (500+ people) is expected or possible, additional paid staffing will be required.


  • Religious Observance
  • Performance (Music, Dance, Visual Art, etc)
  • Lecture/Speaker
  • Panel Discussion
  • Rehearsal


If music in any form will be included in your event, initial information obtained by the Event Manager will also be forwarded to the University Organist and Memorial Church Choir Director, along with our Technical Coordinator for consultation. The acoustics in the space limit the type of music able to be performed well.

Permission for use of the organ or piano must be requested at the time of your booking and practice time must also be included in the initial request, when necessary. Use of any other instrument(s) belonging to the Church, or bringing in any additional instruments for the event, must be approved in consultation with our Technical Coordinator. Piano tuning requires an additional charge.


Rehearsal times must be scheduled through the Event Manager and will require staffing. Time allotted for rehearsals may be limited at the discretion of the Church.


Each group must accept the Church as is and leave the Church as it was found with all furnishings and equipment in place. You are responsible for any additional equipment that is brought in (musical instruments, chairs, tables, risers, robes, etc.) and for making provision for its prompt removal at the conclusion of your event. One person from each group specified on the reservation form must be designated as fully responsible for the arrangements and management of the event and he/she should expect to be on the site from set-up through clean-up. Clean-up must be done immediately following the event.

Groups will be charged an extra cleaning fee if the Church is not left in good condition (i.e.: excessive trash, food, or decorations not taken care of).


Any damages to the Church or property of the Church will be the responsibility of the group.


The sound system for the Church is operated by Sound & Light Technician staff or its hired agents. All requests for sound must be indicated on the reservation form. Sound requirements must be requested on the initial reservation form and approved by the Event Manager.



Stanford’s Parking & Transportation Services department is available for assistance with parking. Please visit to make arrangements.



Any group using the Church (except weddings) that will have attendees or participants under the age of 18 is required to follow Stanford University’s policy for Protection of Minors.



The following guidelines represent the minimum expectations and must be conveyed by the persons who sign the Church Reservation Form to all members of the group including co-chairs and/or committee members who will be sharing responsibility for the event. Any group using Memorial Church must leave the Church in the condition in which it was found. We remind you that a reserved time in one area of the Church does not imply the use of the entire building. We hope these guidelines will be helpful to you, and we thank all of those people who use this facility for their assistance in maintaining the beauty and atmosphere of the Church.


  1. Chairs. The chairs located at various spaces of the Church may, at times, be moved for a specific service or event. Anyone desiring to move/rearrange the chairs must speak with the Event Manager before making plans. All furniture must be returned to its proper order.
  2. Pianos. The Church has specific guidelines for the use and movement of the piano. Please do not use or move the piano before discussing these with the Event Manager. 
  3. Food and Drink. Food and drink are prohibited in the main Church (sanctuary) at all times.
  4. Clean-up. The Church expects that anything brought into the Church by a group making use of the building will be removed immediately following the service or event. Printed programs, boxes containing printed programs, candle wax, portable musical instruments, instrument cases, technical equipment of any kind, must all be removed immediately. Set-up and clean-up times must be established with the Event Manager. In most cases, these will be immediately preceding and following the event or service. Neither the Church nor Stanford University is responsible for any items left unattended in the Church during or following an event.
  5. Rehearsals. The Church expects that set-up and clean-up for rehearsals be observed as strictly as for those of the event itself. Groups planning to leave equipment between rehearsal and performance must note this on the Reservation Form and make arrangements with the Event Manager. The Church does not guarantee that groups will be able to store or leave equipment in the Church between rehearsal and performance. The Church is not responsible for the safety and security of any equipment stored or left in the Church.
  6. Smoking Policy. Smoking is prohibited on all Stanford University grounds including all areas inside and outside of Memorial Church.
  7. Alcohol Policy. Consumption or possession of alcohol is prohibited, except for approved religious purposes.



Groups requesting a reservation should be advised that the Church schedule is sometimes subject to change at the request of the University. It is strongly suggested that you refrain from publicizing your event/service and from making final arrangements until your reservation has been officially confirmed.


Your agreement to this policy indicates that you have read the policies regarding reservations at Memorial Church and agree that you and the sponsoring organization will abide by them.

The Church reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event that does not comply with these policies and/or violates the agreed-upon time parameters. Receipt of this form does not constitute any type of confirmation on the part of Memorial Church.


Cancellation requests must be in writing and received by 30 days prior to the event. If an event is canceled within 30 days of the event date, the event organizer is subject to the full amount of fees due.


*Effective September 1, 2022


Half Day Church Use (up to 4 hours), between 8 am - 10 pm


Full Day Church Use (up to 8 hours), between 8 am - 10 pm


Additional Time on event day, between 8 am - 10 pm


After hours surcharge (after 10 pm)


Rehearsal (scheduled prior to event day)


*Stanford student organizations are exempt from the building use fee. 


Memorial Church Weekday Rate (refresh service)


Memorial Church Weekend Rate (refresh service)


Memorial Church Holiday Rate (refresh service)


Open/Close Exterior Restrooms (weekdays after 5:00 pm)


Open/Close Exterior Restrooms (weekends after 5:00 pm)


Open/Close Exterior Restrooms (holidays after 5:00 pm)


*Prices listed are estimates and subject to UG2’s current custodial rates 


Event Management

$75 per hour

Event Staff 

$25 per hour 

per person

Technical Crew (Sound, Lighting, Stage, Recording, etc.)

$75 per hour

per person


Wireless Microphone (per unit)

$25 per microphone

Boom Stand

$10 per stand

Music Stands

$5 per stand

*Projection screens & additional equipment requires pre-approval by Office for Religious & Spiritual Life staff & must be ordered from Event Services. The Technical Coordinator will provide guidance on the order.