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Stanford Memorial Church Open Visiting Hours begin September 19, 2022. More info HERE.
The Church continues to be open for scheduled religious observances, weddings, memorials, concerts, and events.
For more information, please see our listing of events.

Meeting the Moment Course

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Meeting the Moment includes a repeatable 1-unit course that will be taught Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

In the face of social, economic and public health upheavals, many of us are experiencing an unprecedented degree of uncertainty, isolation, and stress as we move into this very unusual academic year. Times like these ask us—in a voice louder than usual—to identify our sources of strength and develop practices that sustain and even liberate us. This class will explore resources for meeting this moment, especially practices that help cultivate natural capacities like presence, courage, and compassion. As an experiential, project-oriented class, students will explore first-hand experiences and practices others have used to find their true ground and enact positive change for themselves and their communities. After developing these resources, students will share them with one another and the Stanford community. Students will participate in two movie discussions and a story exchange that focus on how to engage the inequities and biases we experience every day in our culture.